Thursday, February 4, 2010

About Scrumptious Company

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Scrumptious Company!  And thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Kate French, and I’m a professional chef living in the fabulous city of Chicago.  I have a little start-up cooking company here, through which I embark on all sorts of culinary endeavors  - intimate event catering, personal cheffing, and teaching private cooking classes, just to name a few.  Even outside of work, my time tends to just fill to the brim with cooking projects and culinary ventures. 


This blog is one such project. It all started at the beginning of 2010. My goal for the year was to throw a dinner party a week (along with the great help of my darling husband, Ben), and to keep a journal of our experiences right here, full with pictures, recipes and anecdotes. (You can check out all the craziness in the 2010 blog archive.) And I’m now happy to report, goal accomplished! And what a great experience it was! A grand excuse to spend tons of incredible time with our wonderful friends and family, it also turned out to be a perfect platform for testing recipes and menus for my cooking company. Yes, of course, it was a lot, a lot, of work. But it was totally worth it in so many ways!

Now, dinner party number fifty-two has come and gone, and I’ve made the easy decision to keep on blogging. And so this site has now morphed into something a bit simpler, a personal recipe journal. In it I share with you the best of my recipes from work and home - my all-time favorites and new culinary discoveries, old family heirlooms and my latest experiments. I hope you enjoy reading along, and even cooking along every now and again!

Well, thanks so much for reading.  I’m so glad to have you here!  Welcome, welcome, welcome!